California Lutheran University Student Launches Wellness-Oriented Pickleball Paddle Business

Recently launched startup Pikl Pal is a pickleball paddle company looking to create a community amongst its consumers. The company was founded by Allison Pine, a senior at California Lutheran University, in order to develop an enhanced pickleball playing experience for individuals who prioritize wellness and relationship building.

Pickleball Uniting Family

Allison fell in love with movement and wellness in 2020 and was looking for a way to transform her passion into a business. In 2023, when her family began playing pickleball on a weekly basis, she discovered that pickleball seamlessly united her father – who had multiple recent surgeries – and her elder sister– who had just given birth – along with the rest of her family.

“My goal with Pikl Pal is to create a space for people from all walks of life to connect through movement in pickleball,” said Allison, reflecting on her vision for the company.

Pikl Pal was launched in December 2023 to connect and spread positivity on and off the court with its aesthetic smiley face design. The company is looking forward to upcoming events filled with active movement that contributes to a flow state of mind and body. When people enter this focused state, their senses are heightened, and dopamine is released.

Tangible Connection

The company’s goal is to spread this type of tangible connection and dopamine to people on a national and international level in the future.

Allison’s mentors, Adam Amzalag and Dianne Gubin, were instrumental in founding her company and shared feedback on her growth as an entrepreneur.

In an interview with the CLU Echo, Hailey Starr interviewed Amzalag, where he remarked, “What [Allison] is doing is creating something unique and trendy and fashionable. I think it will bring awareness to those who don’t think of pickleball as something they can do for wellness.

“She figured out pickleball is a fast growth industry, and if she focuses on pickleball and even within one aspect of pickleball, which is people need rackets,” Principal at Capital InVentures.

“So Much Warmth And Natural Charm”

Dianne Gubin said, “I think Allison will be successful in anything that she does. She has an amazing attitude, and she’s got so much warmth and just natural charm around her. She is genuinely interested in other people, and I think that whatever path she chooses, she will be successful,” Gubin added.

As Pikl Pal continues to make strides in the pickleball industry, Allison remains dedicated to her mission of promoting wellness, connection, and joy through the sport, leaving an indelible mark on the community and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

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